Friday, 10 April 2009

The Easter Light Among Us

The Easter Light among us

Do not be afraid, we are with you – we are in you – we are together as One. Let our Light shine in you - through you – become you. All that you are – we are also. Nothing that you experience is without us – or without our knowledge – and without our permission. Let it be understood that we desire only one thing for you – to be whole – to be at peace – to be a free of all pain and suffering – to be the light of the universe. When you experience discomfort, fear and pain you have merely withdrawn from the Light. The absence of Light means you have chosen to experience darkness, allow yourself to now return to the Light and experience our LOVE.

You want to know why you sometimes choose darkness. You were conceived in Light and are destined for Light. But you also choose to experience darkness so that you might know the power of Light and become our Light for those who have lost the desire to seek our Light. Remember you are One – that is you are not separate from US. What you experience – we experience, and so on. Your freedom to choose comes with a price. That price is the loss of Light whenever you choose to experience darkness. But nothing, and no-one is lost forever. All must return to Light – because that is your Alpha and Omega. We surround all constantly with Light, but will withdraw it if anyone or anything should so choose. And, many so choose. Witness the pain and suffering around you. So, why do so many choose darkness? Initially, because darkness reminds you of what you miss most! However, darkness also hides many of our desires for untold wealth, power, control, with the aim to possess or receive for the self alone! In this darkness we gradually lose the ability to heal, to cope, to share and remember the Light.

Death, restores all Light for those for choose to remain in darkness, however for those who ask for Light – it cannot and will not be denied. For that is Light the eternal Source of all healing, and Love.

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