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Catholic Teaching on Sexuality fails

Human Life & Sexuality
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In the eyes of Fr. Jack Gallagher, sociologists have proven Catholic Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage is Right.  So reads a recent headline in the Western Catholic Reporter.

However I believe with God it is never about whether we ‘get it right’ or not.  Not one of us will ever 'get it right'! Thankfully, God is only interested in our heart.  

If anyone is interested they can read Fr. Jack Gallagher's entire 300 page book  Human Sexuality and Christian Marriage - An Ethical Study free on-line.

It is evident that sociologist and church teachings still want to take precedence over our God given freedom of conscience while ignoring its primacy guaranteed under Canon Law. That is not to suggest that all Church teachings must be rejected; on the contrary.  Its teachings on justice and peace, for example  have been exemplary.  On the other hand its teachings on human sexuality have been anything but dismal and even downright un-Christian.    

Hopefully one day the   Church’s teaching on sexuality will bring more of Christ’s love, compassion, wisdom and understanding to the subject. (whatever do they think when reading Song of Songs?) Since the sexual act is a highly private and personal activity between a loving and committed couple their need for God’s direct blessing in this regard is certainly more important than any dictates from a celibate institution.   The Church will finally graduate on the question of human sexuality when it:

·       Accepts contraception when practised between two loving and committed heterosexual couples as their personal decision bound by and under God.

·       Accepts and blesses the role of married priests by recognizing that celibacy is a gift from God not a condition forced on them by the Church.

·       Accepts and blesses the role of women as priests, bishops, etc., as a gift of equality confirmed by God and not an artificial condition enforced by the Church.

·       Accepts and blesses the role of the laity in the Church as equal partners working together to bring about Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

·       Accepts and blesses divorced couples who desire to return to the Church by giving them full access to all the sacraments.  (the simple desire to be in communion with God automatically takes precedence over any Church rulings).

·       Accepts its God given role to work for and among all people who have contracted Aids.

·       Accepts and recognizes the sexual act when practiced between two loving and committed homosexual couples as gift from God.

·       Blesses the role of committed homosexuals to adopt and raise children

·       Accepts and blesses abortion in all cases when it threatens the life of the mother or in exceptional cases of rape, and incest etc.,

·       Humbly accepts the advice provided by Catholic experts calling for a total and complete overhaul of the systemic and endemic problems within the institution that resulted in the sexual abuse of women and children by misguided members of the clergy.  
Finally, to paraphrase Fr. Jack Gallagher: “The Church must evangelize recognizing God in the present or it dies.”  God meets us where we are not where others would have us be.

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