Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Racing towards Armageddon

Daniel C. Maguire, 'A Moral Creed for All Christians' P.230

According to an article released by the Catholic News Services contained in the CatholicRegister today, Rep. Mitt Romney’s newly appointed running mate U.S. Paul Davis Ryan, a Catholic, is the principal author of a Republican budget plan  that delineates a decade-long plan to reduce spending on non-military programs as a step toward reducing the country's $15-trillion deficit.

In response to this madness Daniel Maguire, Professor of Moral Theological Ethics, Marquette [Catholic] University, had this to say today to the Huff Post about military spending in the US

“Squandering on Kill-power

All the debts of all the U.S. states could be canceled by what it cost in a single year to fight our unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We spend around $17 billion a day on the military. If only Jeremiah could return and address the House and Senate on that. He'd skewer them for being hell-bent on slicing education budgets and Medicaid for the poor while engorging the military/industrial complex. He'd then go out onto the steps of the Capitol and blast the press for not hammering at this madness. Next Jeremiah would excoriate both presidential candidates for not making this budgetary plunder the highlight of their campaigns.

All the Jewish and Christian prophets would have pointed out the terrible truth that we cannot bear to hear -- that military science has outwitted itself. It has miniaturized weapons, including suitcase-size atomic bombs, making them available to disgruntled individuals and small groups. Drone technology leaped from Pandora's box and democratized the possibility of small-group, remote-control sneak attacks. Long gone is the predictability of state vs. state conflicts. A raw vulnerability has dislodged superpower illusions. The prophets would draw lessons from that, just as they did from their own 9/11, the Babylonian Captivity.”

UPDATE:  August 25/12  Readers are encouraged to take note of the following article 'With Ryan Selection, GOP Doubles Down on War on Women' by Carolyn Maloney.


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