Wednesday, 10 October 2012


While some people, other than Nero, are calling for a revolution to burn the city of Rome or more precisely its direct neighbour the Vatican; that institution  is calling for a revolution itself so it can put a fiery end to all heresy, secularism and/or  atheism in the world.

The battle lines have been drawn and it appears no quarters will be given.   Both sides are dug in and have built huge defenses.  The Vatican and its Curia have built an impenetrable wall of dogma and dogtrine against which the gates of hell will not prevail. Its chief weapon – excommunication.  The opponents, consisting of just about anyone who has ever dared to challenge the institution on matters such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, masturbation, the role of women in the church, iVF, women’s rights, or anything that has to do with sex. Its chief weapon of choice – leaving the church en masse .  Don’t underestimate that choice. It may turn out to be their weapon of Mass destruction!

Q.  Wait a minute, wait!. Are you saying we should start a revolution or war just about the question of sex?

A.  Yes my dear friend, sex is what sells and makes the world go around for some people.  But most people have experienced sex as a wonderful gift from God and see it  as a pleasurable  act of love between two committed adults.  Yet some individuals, especially the Catholic Church have determined thanks to St. Augustine that  sex is an evil act only necessary for procreation. 

Q.  Are you kidding, we’re going to fight it out on sex?   I thought that had been dealt with in the sixties when the ‘flower children’ our (grand)parents, called for everyone to ‘make love, not war!

 A.  Yes, yes that’s true but a group of male celibate experts in the Vatican have determined that sex is evil and demand that unless we do as they say the world is doomed. 

Q.  What makes these ‘experts’ so sure that they are right?

A.  God told them!

Q.  God told them that sex is evil?  But didn’t God tell humankind to go forward and multiply?  

A.  Well, yes God did say something  about going forth and so on, but Saint Augustine (Benedicts favorite saint) who lived in the 3rd. and 4th.century was busy  spreading his seed rather carelessly, got married had a child, left his wife, became a hermit and then determined that sex when it was enjoyed was evil.  No one knows if he ever enjoyed sex with his wife, but he must have heard God say afterwards “Augustine please tell everyone that sex is evil, especially when its enjoyed. Sorry my mistake!".   

Q.  Really?

A.  Yup, really!

Q.  And that’s what’s causing all this division among the people in the Church?  And why so many Catholics  are leaving the church or have been  simply excommunicated  or told to simply leave.?

 A.  Well yes,  it didn’t help when the same people found out more than 10 years ago that the Vatican had a very serious sex issue themselves.

Q.  What did Vatican do about it?

A.  For many years nothing and tried very hard to hide it.  But they were eventually caught red handed.

Q.  Well O.K. I guess the problem was eventually resolved, right?

A.  I’m afraid not. Its gotten worse.  Aside from issuing standard apologies and setting up a few guidelines their senior employees  still haven’t  addressed  the most important item of all.

Q.  What’s that?

A.  The Church must humbly address the internal endemic and systemic problems that led to the problem in the first place.

Q.  Why have they not done so?

A.  Because they are too busy finding fault everywhere else.

Q.  That’s incredible but what should we do now?

A.  Decide for ourselves by trusting in God’s gift of your conscience.  Even the Vatican can’t take that away from anyone . . .  God knows they keep on trying.  So get into some deep dialogue with God decide for yourself and consider the recent comments offered by one of God’s  most devoted Catholic Theologian Fr. Hans Kung.
Wow, thanks.  God bless!                  


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