Monday, 26 January 2015

Abortion: It is all about compassion

In her recent article "It is all about the unborn" to The Catholic Register , Ms. Alissa Golob, Youth Co-ordinator for Campaign Life Coalition voices her opinion about abortion in the most extreme and militant manner.  None of which is likely to engage those families who have been or are now are faced with such a difficult but very necessary decision.      

If Pro-Life ‘crusaders’ (and I use that term deliberately) are truly interested in promoting their cause they will have to exchange ‘activism’ for compassion a quality so often exhibited by Jesus.      Nowhere in the Gospels do we find Jesus as an activist prepared to stand at abortion clinics handing out roses and literature.  And again the Gospels do not speak of a Son of God who openly defied the Roman civil authorities - instead he used a much more powerful and effective means of bringing about necessary change. It is called unconditional LOVE. 

The above article can hardly be expected to convert any woman who is considering an abortion.  The use of heaping guilt and shame on women automatically prevents any real and healing dialogue from taking place.  And for what reason does this article compare women who accept an abortion as ‘beating their toddler to death’, or as someone who condones the actions of the Nazi regime?  More guilt, more shame and more condemnation!   Where is God in that?             

Kindly understand that I am completely and utterly opposed to abortion – in principle.  As I understand all Creation is sacred and calls us to be respectful towards all things and beings. And so should we.   God’s compassion reaches far beyond any self righteous feelings we may hold as truth. There are numerous conditions under which an abortion is absolutely necessary. 

In recent years the call to end all abortions by Pro-Life groups has become one of the most divisive issues between friends and neighbours and indeed nations.  As Pro-life groups battle it out with Pro-Choice groups the rift appears to be growing ever wider.  As a result the heated debate has suffered   from an abuse of hurtful and damaging actions and language.   At this point we seem to have lost the ability to interact in a healing manner that could bring both parties together.  Pro-Life must also learn to speak about abortion in terms of life from the Alpha to the Omega!

To suggest it is all about the unborn immediately ignores much greater pain and suffering so evident throughout our broken world.  In the eyes of our Creator he loves everyone and everything – nothing is wasted not even an aborted fetus.  However, if we do not first love God, our neighbour, the enemy and our self how can we possibly understand or love the woman who chose to abort for whatever her reason?  Must we assume she is not following an informed conscience to the best of her ability?  Who and what group can claim to possess a superior conscience?  Have we perhaps forgotten that the highest moral law is the one God wrote on our hearts? Does anyone deny that there are plenty of moral and ethical circumstances under which some abortions are necessary (and thereby should be funded)?   Under these circumstances is it even reasonable to state abortion in ABSOLUTE terms?

Many activists are motivated by a self-righteous attitude which is revealed in their desire to openly defy civil authority.   That same attitude, when lacking in compassion is often used by some to justify unspeakable actions under the name of God.  Pro-life groups must never think that their actions are morally above those who advocate Pro-Choice.   God judges hearts and his justice is about restoration never about punishment.  

Finally, abortion must never become a political issue because it is first and foremost an issue of the heart! 

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